Happy Belly Kombucha (Draught & Cans)


We are a local kombuchery that was started because of our passion for wholesomely delicious beverages and elixirs. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is intentionally hand crafted and brewed using the finest and freshest quality ingredients we can find. Happy Belly Kombucha is a naturally fermented non-alcoholic beverage. It is VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, NUT FREE, GMO FREE. We love using fresh wholesome ingredients that are in season, hence the distinctly bold flavour Happy Belly Kombucha offers.

Though you might spot us at some festivals, special wholefoods or farm direct events, we mainly engage in a sustainable partnership with awesome local businesses who also share a similar philosophy to serve Happy Belly Kombucha to local communities. Click on "DRAUGHT" or "CANS" for a list of our retail partners.

We currently offer two types of delivery services to retailers, a Standard Delivery and a Special Delivery.

STANDARD DELIVERY - $20/delivery.
This is a discounted delivery service only available to clients on a standard annual contract. Standard Deliveries are made mostly on SATURDAYS, and sometimes SUNDAY or MONDAYS. Orders must be placed by 12pm MST on Fridays prior to the same weekend delivery. Standard Deliveries are charge by location and for up to a maximum of 3 kegs per location. Additional kegs are $10/keg on the same delivery. Empty keg(s) return to driver upon delivery is a complimentary service. 

SPECIAL DELIVERY - $40/delivery.
This is a special trip delivery available to all clients for a maximum of 6 kegs per location. Additional kegs are $10/keg on the same delivery. Empty keg(s) return to the driver upon keg delivery is a complimentary service.