Happy Belly Kombucha (Draught & Cans)


We are a local kombuchery that was started because of our passion for wholesomely delicious beverages and elixirs. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is intentionally hand crafted and brewed using the finest and freshest quality ingredients we can find. Happy Belly Kombucha is a naturally fermented non-alcoholic beverage. It is VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, NUT FREE, GMO FREE. We love using fresh wholesome ingredients that are in season, hence the distinctly bold flavour Happy Belly Kombucha offers.

Though you might spot us at some festivals, special wholefoods or farm direct events, we mainly engage in a sustainable partnership with awesome local businesses who also share a similar philosophy to serve Happy Belly Kombucha to local communities. Click on "DRAUGHT" or "CANS" for a list of our retail partners.

Happy Belly Kombucha is a local, small batch, hand crafted kombucha that is brewed in Calgary, Alberta. We offer local communities fresh, raw, and live kombucha served on tap at own taproom as well as at our multiple retailer locations listed on this page. Our kombucha is vegan, gluten free, nut free, diary free, non-GMO, and brew with all organic ingredients. We also add a touch of herbs, spices, and/or fruit infusion to create our delicious kombucha flavours for your enjoyment. Enjoy your Happy Belly Kombucha with peace of mind knowing that we never add any unnecessary additives in our kombucha, nor do we dilute its natural potency at any time. The amazing flavour profile that you are tasting in Happy Belly Kombucha is all from the raw ingredients we have carefully selected and all the love & attention we put into every batch of our brew.

Come in to visit us at our Taproom (by Chinook Mall, Calgary) or visit any of our awesome retailers listed below and treat yourself to a cup of Happy Belly Kombucha!

Below are the awesome retailers that we have partnered with to serve you Happy Belly Kombucha fresh from tap! Each location offers a uniquely welcoming environment and different mocktail and "k"ocktail of choice. Make sure to tell the staff how you like your kombucha as our multi-tap system is designed with you in mind to allow a mix & match of multiple flavours into each cup or growler fill. Find out what is on tap at the location you are at, you can have your kombucha straight out of the tap or create your own flavours by mixing and matching from each tap. Just let the staff know your preference and they will be happy to pour your very own kombucha mix for you. Enjoy... the experience and every sip of your Happy Belly Kombucha!

"May you be blessed with happy belly always... in always!"

Happy Belly Kombucha Retailers (Draught)







  • SORSO Coffee Social
    [a] 800 Yankee Valley Blvd., Unit #401, Airdrie.
    [p] 403.980.4333
    [w] http://www.sorso.ca





  • HealthFitters
    [a] 5015-50 Ave, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1K4
    [p] 403.352.1183




    • Stang's Health Centre
      [a] 5001 49th Ave, Olds.
      [p] 403.556.6090



    If you feel that there is a business that might be a good fit for us to partner with and offer Happy Belly Kombucha in your local community, simply pass our name on or drop us a line. Happy Belly Kombucha Crew thank you in advance for your support and efforts in helping us create more happy bellies! 

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