Happy Belly Kombucha (Draught & Cans)


We are a local kombuchery that was started because of our passion for wholesomely delicious beverages and elixirs. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is intentionally hand crafted and brewed using the finest and freshest quality ingredients we can find. Happy Belly Kombucha is a naturally fermented non-alcoholic beverage. It is VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, NUT FREE, GMO FREE. We love using fresh wholesome ingredients that are in season, hence the distinctly bold flavour Happy Belly Kombucha offers.

Though you might spot us at some festivals, special wholefoods or farm direct events, we mainly engage in a sustainable partnership with awesome local businesses who also share a similar philosophy to serve Happy Belly Kombucha to local communities. Click on "DRAUGHT" or "CANS" for a list of our retail partners.

Please read the following Happy Belly Kombucha Can Wholesale Terms & Conditions. Complete this form and click the Submit button.

Terms & Conditions for Happy Belly Kombucha Cans Wholesaler *
ACCEPTANCE All orders are subject to pre-payment. Order date is determined by the date that Happy Belly Kombucha or its representative receives the order. Orders are placed on our website on the WHOLESALE ORDER page (http://www.happybellykombucha.com/wholesaleorder). Should your company ordering process require that you send us a Purchase Order, please email it to orders.happybellykombucha@gmail.com. Terms are effective from date of order. TERMS Payment in full is required before order can be finalized and scheduled for delivery or pick-up. SHIPPING All shipments are FOB Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is purchaser’s responsibility to inspect shipment upon arrival. All claims and discrepancies must be reported to Happy Belly Kombucha within one business day of receipt of merchandise. If product is shipped on a Third Party account, claims and discrepancies are the Third Party’s responsibilities. To submit a claim, please call 587.888.1689 or email happybellykombucha@gmail.com CANCELLATION & CHANGES Orders must be finalized at least 1 business day prior to scheduled delivery date or pick-up date. WARE QUALITY & WARRANTY The decision to replace products under satisfaction guarantee rests solely with Happy Belly Kombucha Head Office (http://www.happybellykombucha.com). Please contact Happy Belly Kombucha directly via email (happybellykombucha@gmail.com) should you be dissatisfied with our product. No representative of Happy Belly Kombucha is authorized to replace products. Goods may not be returned without prior authorization number clearly posted on package. Returned goods must be in clean and sellable state and in their original packaging, if applicable, free of any store markings or stickers. Should returned goods be “kombucha”, it must have been kept refrigerated between 1ºC – 5ºC since product arrival to retailer’s location until returned to Happy Belly Kombucha premises. Happy Belly Kombucha reserves the rights to charge outbound freight and assess a 15% restocking charge to orders that are refused. RETURNS Happy Belly Kombucha will not accept items for return that were shipped in good faith. Kombucha cans sale are final once product leave Happy Belly Kombucha premises. Happy Belly Kombucha will accept responsibility for orders that are ship out incorrectly due to error on Happy Belly Kombucha’s part and will correct the order accordingly in a timely manner. SUPPORT Happy Belly Kombucha is committed to retailer’s success in carrying Happy Belly Kombucha products. Simply email your questions to happybellykombucha@gmail.com or call us at 587.888.1689. INDEMNITY When orders are manufactured to a customer’s specifications (eg. Custom Infused Flavour for Kombucha), the customer shall hold Happy Belly Kombucha harmless for any liability for patent or copyright infringements, proprietary rights violations, invasions of privacy or other personal rights violations. AUTHORIZED DEALER POLICY The sale of Happy Belly Kombucha products outside of your physical location or through a URL not owned by you is not permitted without prior written consent of Happy Belly Kombucha. Trans-shipping of Happy Belly Kombucha products to non-authorized retailers or e-commerce companies and/or selling products over Internet “auction” sites is strictly prohibited. Selling Happy Belly Kombucha products outside of Alberta is not permitted without written permission. MARKETING RELEASE Happy Belly Kombucha asks permission to use your company name, photos of logos or logo for marketing materials or social media as well as random media sheets to send to prospective customers. By signing this Terms & Pricing (Cans) document, you are granting permission to Happy Belly Kombucha as requested above. INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL WHOLESALE PRICING @ 68.40/flat of 24 cans. • MMSRP @ $3.99/can - $4.99/can • WHOLESALE @ $2.85/can • 40% - 75% Mark up • 28.5% - 42.8% Margin PRICING POLICY Happy Belly Kombucha has established Minimum Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices on our products delineated as MMSRP. Happy Belly Kombucha will independently monitor policy compliance and reserve the rights to discontinue sales to any retailer / dealer failing to adhere to the minimum suggested resale price (MMSRP). MMSRP @ $ 3.99 - $4.99 / 355ml can MAP POLICY Happy Belly Kombucha has established MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) on products that can be used for promotional purposes twice a year. Happy Belly Kombucha monitors policy compliance and reserve the rights to discontinue sales to any retailer / dealer abusing this policy. Promotions need to be submitted and approved by your Happy Belly Kombucha account manager before you publish the sale. MAP @ $3.99 - $4.99 (MSRP) – 10% FLAVOURS Current can flavours are: • MINT Kombucha • STRAWBERRY Kombucha • PURPLE GINGER Kombucha • LOVE POTION Kombucha Flavours for cans will be updated on the WHOLESALE ORDER page (on Happy Belly Kombucha website) when a new flavour comes online, when a flavour is temporary out of stock or when a flavour is rotated out. Please check on our website to find out the current flavours we offer before order placement. CAN RECYCLING DEPOSIT AND RECYCLING FEE Alberta regulation requires the collection of the recycling deposit and recycling fee for the sale of each can. Retailers will need to collect both the recycling deposit and recycling fee for each sale. This is a net zero effect for a retailer. • Alberta Can Recycling Deposit ($0.10/can) • Alberta Can Recycling Fee ($0.01/can) PRODUCT CARE Happy Belly Kombucha cans must be kept refrigerated between 1ºC - 5ºC at all times to ensure product quality and packaging safety. Should the can of kombucha be left out at a high temperature for too long, product will continue to ferment, the can will expand, get over pressurized and product will champagne out of the can. PICK-UP (ORDER) COMPLIMENTARY pick up at Happy Belly Kombucha Brewery/Taproom in Calgary is available by appointment. Pick up is available MONDAY - FRIDAY (except Statutory Holidays) between 10am - 3pm by appointments only. DELIVERY (ORDER) Flat rate delivery of $55/trip for a maximum of 40 flats is available for Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie, Red Deer and Edmonton. Delivery to other areas within Alberta is available upon request. Once order is confirmed, delivery can be schedule for the following business day. PREFERRED METHODS OF PAYMENT - eTransfer to happybellykombucha@gmail.com; - Direct Deposit; - Mail a cheque to 388 Kinniburgh Blvd., Chestermere, AB, T1X 0N3. An NSF Fee of $35 will be charged back to retailer should a Cheque be declined; - Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard). Note that this option will have an additional 4% Credit Card Processing Fee. ORDER APPROVAL I have read and hereby agree to the terms and pricing above set forth by Happy Belly Kombucha. I understand that my orders will not be released for pick up or delivery until full payment has been successfully received by Happy Belly Kombucha.
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